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As a global leader in power and automation technologies, ABB provides products,services and solutions that increase industrial productivity and maximise energy efficiency. Providing power, motion and control for a wide range of automation applications, our offering includes motors, generators, drives and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).


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MotiFlex e180

MotiFlex e180MotiFlex e180 delivers versatile motion control performance, capability and dependability to power machine innovations. Flexible connectivity with Ethernet and motor feedback technologies is highly integrated and optimized for demanding motion applications. Using Automation Builder you can quickly and easily customize the drive to the exact control requirements of your machine.

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AC500-eCo Compact PLCs

ABB AC500 eCo PLCThe AC500-eCo from ABB is a range of scalable PLCs offering cost effectiveness for modern industrial automation applications where small flexible PLC solutions often represent the ideal solution.

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AC500 PLCs

ABB AC500 PLCWith the AC500 PLC range we provide a reliable and powerful platform to design and create scalable, cost-effective and flexible automation solutions. The scalability of the AC500 PLCs is achieved by offering a large variety of devices to design and implement configurations suitable for simple control tasks or complex automation solutions.

The AC500 PLC range consists of various CPUs, I/O modules, communication modules, communication interface modules and accessories. The AC500's memory, performance and the networking capabilities mean more functionality, advanced visualization, more operating comfort – for even better individual customer solutions.

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BSM Servo Motors

ABB BSM Servo MotorsABB's BSM series servo motors offer a wide choice of high or low inertia models with winding options, feedback devices and gearheads to match. All ABB servo motors are designed for durability, and ability to handle harsh environments. High and low inertia models to suit application demands Continuous torque ranges from 0.16 Nm to 120 Nm and peak torques up to 320 Nm Stainless steel designs suitable for harsh environments and for the pharmaceutical and food processing industry.

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