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Applied Motion Products specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products. They offer a full complement of stepper and servo, drives, motors, controllers, gearheads, and power supplies to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base.
Applied Motion offers a powerful range of standard products to meet your motion control requirements. If your application demands something unusual or unique, they can engineer a design to optimize the product’s performance for your needs. This ability to offer customized products often results in improved productivity and higher reliability for customers, often while reducing costs.

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StepSERVO Integrated Motors

StepSERVO motorsClosed loop for high performance, energy efficiency and quiet operation

StepSERVO™ is the next evolution in step motor technology. Starting with a proven integrated motor design, we add a high-resolution 5000 line incremental encoder (20,000 counts/rev) and closed-loop servo firmware to create a motor that offers the best step motor performance available today. StepSERVO™ motors offer the same high torque-at-low-speed and excellent holding torque characteristics of open loop stepping motors with the advantages of true closed-loop control.

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StepSERVO MotorsStepSERVO Motors

StepSERVO Motors are specifically designed to be paired with our StepSERVO Drives to create motor and drive combinations that outperform traditional step motor systems. Each StepSERVO Motor is a premium, two-phase, hybrid step motor built with an integral high resolution feedback device. The performance gains achieved when using a StepSERVO Motor in combination with one of our StepSERVO drives include high peak torque ranges for faster acceleration and greater machine throughput, as well as quieter operation and less power consumption.

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StepSERVO DrivesStepSERVO Drives

StepSERVO Drives are the closed-loop versions of our well established, high performance, microstepping step motor drives. By incorporating closed-loop servo control algorithms in these drives and pairing them with StepSERVO Motors with high resolution encoders, we are able to create StepSERVO systems with performance that greatly exceeds conventional step motor performance. Peak torques as much as 50% higher, smoother, quieter operation and lower power consumption are just some of the benefits of StepSERVO Drive and Motor systems.

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SV200 Digital Servo DrivesSV200 digital servo drives

The SV200 servo drives utilize programmable notch filters, an anti-vibration algorithm and auto-tuning. These features ensure smooth motion and accurate positioning for the most demanding applications, as well as an easy means of configuring the drive. The SV200 servo drives are designed to be used with J Series servo motors in the 200W, 400W and 750W power range. Select the control option of the SV200 servo drive that best meets your control requirements. For basic pulse & direction or analog torque/velocity applications choose the P model. For streaming commands, stored program execution or Modbus communications choose the Q model. For CANopen networking choose the C model, and for EtherNet/IP networking choose the IP model.

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J Series Servo MotorsJ Series servo motors

High torque density, low inertial servo

High-torque brushless servo motors in NEMA and metric frame sizes. J series motors come in a 40, 60, or 80 mm frame size, along with a 10,000 count incremental commutating encoder.  100 to 750 watts, IP65, UL and CE rated with optional holding brake. Also featured are value priced Servo Sets, pairing the J series with digital servo drives and cables to provide a complete system right out of the box.

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EtherNet/IP ProductsEtherNet/IP Products

Drives and Integrated Motors with EtherNet/IP Communication Ports

With EtherNet/IP users can control, configure and query drives using an open, standards-based, industrial Ethernet connection at speeds up to 100 MBits/sec.

Applied Motion drives and motors with EtherNet/IP – designated by “IP” in the model number – run all of the same control modes as “Q” drives, with the addition that all drive features can be accessed over EtherNet/I. EtherNet/IP is an industrial Ethernet network solution built on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), and is supported by the ODVA.

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Precise Motion & Control is an Applied Motion Products authorized distributor serving Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.