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Infranor develops and manufactures key servo-motors, servo-drives and controls within its own ISO 9000 certified factories. These components drive single axes and control their movements, coordinate multiple axes and control entire machines.

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Infranor XtraforsPrime
XtraforsPrime AC Servo Motors

The modular construction concept is the basis for the wide range of standard models. The slotless stator design results in outstanding technical properties such as high speed, high torque, zero cogging, minimal torque ripple, high efficiency and high regidity. This technology makes these motors perfectly suited for various demanding servo applications.

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Infranor XtrapulsPac
XtrapulsPac AC Servo Drive

The XtrapulsPac is a flexible 230 and 480V AC servo-controller with outstanding real-time application capabilities. The basic version already offers the required interfaces and functions to cover a wide range of single- and multi-axis applications.

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Infranor MSS Motor
MSS Series DC Servo Motors

Flat XtraforsMSS motors are especially suited for demanding servo tasks. These motors provide high dynamic and extremely high rotation accuracy at low speeds. They are equipped with ironless rotors and long life brushes.

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Precise Motion & Control is an Infranor authorized distributor serving Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.