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Parker Compax3 Series driveCompax3 Series

With its high-performance and modular design, the Compax3 family of industrial servo drives and drive/controllers offers a new level of servo performance and flexibility. The modular structure of the Compax3 family allows options such as intelligent motion controllers, fieldbus interfaces and industry standard motor feedback. In addition, numerous expansion options can be added to the standard product in order to optimize the capabilities required for today's demanding servo applications.

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Parker P series servo driveP Series Servo Drive

The Parker P Series servo system combines compact, flexible, advanced functionality drives with high performance motors for a superior servo system, providing unique value to machine builders. The P-Series drives operate with a variety of machine control architectures and offer sophisticated servo capability. A number of different feedback types are supported to drive a wide range of linear and rotary servo motors. The best matches are the P-Series motors, which include absolute encoders and populate motor nameplate data back to the drives for simplified commissioning. Accurate and easy to use inertia detection leads to fast set-up of tuning parameters and minimal settling time. Advanced filtering and vibration suppression features can be used to increase throughput and improve positioning performance.

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Parker IPA servo drive controllerIPA Servo Drive/Controller

The new Intelligent Parker Amplifier, or IPA, is a 1.5 axis servo drive/controller based on the ACR control platform. Available in two power levels, 400W and 1500W, the IPA can drive a wide range of rotary and linear motors and supports a number of industry standard feedback protocols. The IPA provides a dual port Ethernet interface which gives the machine builder the flexibility needed to create cost effective motion control solutions. The IPA operates as a fully programmable stand-alone motion controller with on-board I/O and virtual axis capability or can be integrated into a PLC or PC-based machine control solution. Software tools are included to optimize motion performance and efficiently monitor and manage the application.

At the core of the IPA is outstanding servo performance for the most demanding applications. The IPA can be paired with a wide range of Parker rotary and linear servo motors, utilizing cost effective incremental encoders or absolute feedback devices based on high speed serial protocols.

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