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Parker PAC ControllerPAC - Parker Automation Controller

The PAC consolidates advanced logic, multi-axis motion, signal handling, and web-published visualization into one performance driven solution, thus eliminating the need for unnecessary hardware and communication links, and increasing developer efficiency. The PAC employs the industry leading EtherCAT communication protocol for motion, I/O, and third-party device connectivity, and combined with the Parker Automation Manager IDE for application development, the PAC provides OEMs with an engineered solution for the most demanding applications; a single, intuitive environment for application development; industry standard programming; machine-to-machine communication; network separation; and even Intellectual Property (IP) protection methods among other features.

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The PAC I/O System comprises a variety of modules for digital, analog and temperature signals as well as communication interfaces. The modules connect directly to the controller via the built-in EtherCAT bus for local architectures and are extended to remote locations via the extender and bus coupler modules, thus supporting both local and distributed I/O architectures. PAC I/O modules feature a removable cage-clamp terminal design which provides for easy wiring and assembly and allows for the removal and insertion of modules without interfering with wiring; LED status indicators for the EtherCAT bus, I/O, power and each signal channel; front face shield-grounding to the din rail; removable label inserts; easy access front mounted module disconnects; and laser-etched identification and schematic information.

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Parker ACR9000 controllerACR9000

The ACR family is one of the highest-performing motion controller families on the market today. The ACR's DSP-based controllers can quickly process floating-point calculations onboard, typically in the 100- to 500-microsecond range. This allows the controller to service a pre-emptive multi-tasker, with up to 24 programs simultaneously. In addition, it can handle up to four communication channels concurrently. This means you can communicate with an ACR controller for troubleshooting and still have the HMI on a production machine fully online and active.

This high processing power enables the control of co-ordinated motion for up to eight axis. These axis can be equipped alternative with stepper- or servo-motors. The motion profile is calculated during the move. This enables a faster reaction on sudden disturbances or quicker changes of the target positions while in motion as on common controllers with pre-compiled moves 

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