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Cost Effective Servo Controllers and Servo Motors

Servo Motor Performance At Stepper Motor Prices can now be achieved with advanced yet cost-effective technology from QuickSilver Controls Inc. For the past 20 years QCI has manufactured servo controllers and high torque brushless AC servo motors at stepper motor prices.

QCI markets high-performance, integrated and non-integrated cost-effective motion control products, servo controllers and motors for use in the Original Equipment Manufacturer market.

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SilverMax X-series SilverMax X-Series Integrated Hybrid Servo

QuickSilver Controls Inc is proud to announce the return of the SilverMax Integrated Hybrid Servo Motor Line to our product family. Powerful and durable, our Integrated X-Series Motors provide superior continuous torque at low speeds, transitioning to nearly constant power curves up to 4000 RPM and are very well suited to direct drive of lead screws and belt drives, typically eliminating the need for gear heads. Additionally, patented damping methods in our PVIA control system allows wide ranges of inertial mismatch without the need for notch filters or retuning

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SilverNuggetSilverNugget N2-IX Servo Controller/Driver

The SilverNugget N2-IX is a servo controller/driver for QCI’s line of NEMA 11, 17, 23, and 24 frame, high torque, direct drive, servo motors. The N2-IX Servo Controller/Driver is designed to operate QCI’s I-Grade motors through a single motor interface cable, which carries motor power and encoder feedback. This single cable solution allows for easy installations and simple cable routing.

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The Mosolver is a patented breakthrough and the future in motion control. With an innovative motion control solution which combines a motor and resolver into a single package, the Mosolver enables a compact, inexpensive, and robust true closed-loop motion control eliminating the need for costly encoders.

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