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SMARTEYE EZ-PRO Photoelectric Sensor

EZ-Pro SensorAutomatic Self-Adjusting Sensor

The SMARTEYE® EZ-PRO is a high performance, automatic photoelectric sensor that can be adjusted by a single push of a button. As a result, there is no guess work on the part of the operator.  Now you can throw away the screwdriver and the manual!

ACT™ automatically adjusts the sensor as conditions change. This can include dirty lens or reflectors, damaged fiber optics or lenses, LED light source or thermal drift, and target variations such as position, orientation, or color.

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SmartDot Laser Sensor

SmartDot Laser SensorThe SMARTEYE® SmartDot Laser Sensor is designed for precise, small parts detection at long ranges. The consistently small laser beam is used to detect such things as a tab on a battery, a misaligned or missing bottle cap, or a cross-threaded can lid.

The SmartDot Laser Sensor can be easily aligned, repeatedly in order to be used in the inspection and rejection of micro-parts. The SMARTEYE® SmartDot Laser Sensor has an OLED display providing the kind of visual confirming information which makes setup a breeze displaying all the necessary information to determine proper setup for maximum up-time was the ultimate deciding factor in including the OLED display in this highly capable sensing device

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Smarteye XP10The SMARTEYE® X-PRO XP10 is the highest speed (10µs) dual-function sensor in the world, designed to be a precision registration mark sensor with 5µs repeat¬ability and a standard photoelectric sensor for any high speed application. The 5µs repeatability provides the most highly accurate edge detection in the industry!




RetrosmartClear Object Sensor

The RETROSMART™ retroreflective sensor is optimized to detect clear/translucent containers and shiny objects from the leading edge to the trailing edge without false signals.  The sensor's narrow, red light beam assures accuracy in detecting the leading edge of any product to trigger the response, such as filling, capping, labeling, and coding.

The RETROSMART™ provides a single, non-chattering output for each transparent container that passes by, independent of size or shape, empty or full.


LABEL•EYE™ Label SensorLabel Eye

The LABEL•EYE™ is a photoelectric sensor designed specifically to sense a large variety of adhesive labels. Since the LABEL•EYE™ is an automatic one-touch sensor… not the conventional "teach mode" sensor, set-up is simple. Position the gap between the labels directly under the sensor's sight-guide and push the Autoset button. The sensor does the rest, adjusting itself to the perfect setting. Sensing labels has never been easier.

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Ultrasonic Clear Label Sensor

Ultrasonic Clear label SensorThe very first Ultrasonic Clear Label Sensor with a High Performance Graphic OLED display. The OLED display provides the user with an unprecedented view of the sensor’s performance, options, program modes, and helpful simple instructions never before offered in a Clear Label Sensor.

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